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Spread the Love (:

Spread the love
Hello and welcome to my livejournal, where I post up my long series fanfics that features Korean artists from bands such as Super Junior, DBSK and many others. Please do take note that all the stories here are fictional and I do not own any of the characters feature in the story.

For your information:

1. Most of the fanfics are not beta-ed and thus contains errors of some sort. If you are one of those readers who only read fanfics that are of perfect english, I am sorry.

2. Do leave a comment after reading because I need the comments to keep going. Even a short comment saying "I had read this" is fine with me too!

3. Do not flame any of the artists here even if you don't like them. There might be others who like them.

4. Hate my fanfic? Then don't read it. I don't like haters, so please keep off this LJ if you are.

5. Please be nice to those who are commenting. I don't wish to have drama in my LJ, thanks.

6. And lastly, enjoy the fanfics.

7. If you are not interested in fanfics that are of long series, head on to onedoublescoop, my short series community.


More about me

Interests: Listening to Songs, Singing, Writing, Creating graphics, Reading, Anime, Twilight, Harry Potter etc.

Favorite bands: Super Junior+M+T+H+K.R.Y, SS501, Big Bang, F(x), 2ne1, DBSK, The Gazette etc.

Top 5 guys: Kangin from Super Junior, Jungmin from SS501, Kai from The Gazette, Taeyang from Big Bang and Kim Bum

Favorite Anime: 07-Ghost, Kuroshitsuji, Phantom, Rental Magica, Detective Academy Q, Special A, Ouran High School Host Club etc.

Top 5 Anime Characters: Teito Klein from 07 ghost, Frau from 07 Ghost, Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji, Reiji from Phantom
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